Our Security Policy

As risks are increasing, our security policy is based on a single principle: each information system is unique. On this basis, a personal analysis to secure your data is better. Depending on your expectations and your infrastructure, we assess the potential risks to your information system. This study must be done asap for any effective security policy. Your information system is changing : ITEK4YOU will help you to optimize your security policies and guarantee: the authenticity of the data, the confidentiality of the data, and their integrity.

Our concerns

ITEK4YOU ensures the security of customer data. At anytime, we :

o) Secure workstations.
o) Protect systems against external attacks.
o) Monitore behaviors of employees.
o) Manage removable medias.
o) Backup data.
o) Monitore Network and bandwidth.
o) Use IDS for detection of network attacks.
o) Secure communications.
o) Mount VPN networks.
o) Provide Access Authentication.
o) Guarantee integrity of customer datas.
o) Secure Web applications (Pop-up, phishing, spyware, ...).
o) Manage smtp, pop, imap.