If you are looking for full-time programmers, who can code almost anything in Java, you have reached the right platform. ITEK4YOU is a premier IT outsourcing solutions provider offering multiple IT outsourcing services, which also include coding for Java / JEE / Hibernate / Struts / Spring Applications development. More than 70% is specialized in IT services for Java application development.

Java Enterprise Edition

Java Enterprise Edition has an international reputation as a fault-tolerant platform which runs multi-tier, distributed modules on application servers using Java programs. It also has additional functionalities to add libraries of information. Our JEE professionals are ready to take any type of projects using this platform.


Hibernate, the object-relational open-source mapping library for Java programming, is an important tool for object-mapping in database programming with a core that is powerful and mature. You can trust our team, and our IT outsourcing services, if you are looking for a Java Hibernate professional.


Spring framework, particularly extensions to JEE application, is another area of expertise for which we offer IT Outsourcing solutions. Hiring a professional from ITEK4YOU that can work on Java Spring Framework enables you to complete projects for this framework in a cost-effective way.


Struts make it possible to develop Java EE web applications using an open-source framework, separating the model from the view through a controller. If IT outsourcing is on your mind to find the perfect Java Struts professional, we can meet your requirements at a short notice.

Highly Experienced Team of
Java Application Developers


At ITEK4YOU, we have a team of professional Java developers who are well experienced in Java development and programming for different Java frameworks, Java run time environment, advanced Java and servlets among others. The extensive experience of our Java professionals in various application platforms ensures that you get an expertise level that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Our experts are used to work together on big projects with assignment of tasks. They use versioning and groupware tools, and they are familiar with SVN and Git.

We appreciate Agile / Scrum method, and all sprints are finished on time.